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 Our New and Improved formula is made with more potent cold press oils and herbs in order to produce and support a healthy scalp for hair growth.

This natural wonder is absolutely awesome. Clinically proven to see and feel results. Will cause rapid hair growth and conditioning to the scalp.  Helps soften and strengthen hair as it quenches the hair shafts. A definite must-have in your daily hair care regimen.

Comes with a twist-top applicator for better control.  Recommended for use on thinning and or balding areas on the scalp. 

Before                  After

3 weeks use

3 weeks

Ingredients :

Infused with Baruch blend oil, Black Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Black Castor oil.

 How To Use:

Apply to the scalp with a dropper, avoiding direct contact with the dropper to the scalp to prevent cross-contamination.  Add hair juice to the desired area and gently massage the scalp.