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Handcrafted Soaps are hand-painted with mineral micas.  They are pretty to look at but wonderful to bathe with.

No synthetics or detergents here!  Our soaps are 100% saponified with Coconut, Olive, Palm, Black Seed Oil, and Kaolin Clay base.  Our soaps bring moisturizing, rich lather, and conditioning properties that will not strip your skin leaving your skin dry like commercial soaps.  

Our Soaps are made for those that may have sensitive skin.

Coloring:  We use mineral micas, Cocoa, fruit or plant vegetation, and natural clays for coloring in our soaps.  

Fragrance:  We incorporate essential oils and or light fragrant oils for fragrance.

ALL soaps are natural and colors will vary.

ALL of our products are not tested on animals but are tested on ourselves.  Our soaps are cured for 5-6 weeks before release for safety. 

So rest assured that what your bathing your skin in... Your skin will thank you for.